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Linear Shockwave Therapy for Sexual Wellness

Helping men to have the ability to enjoy their sex life to the fullest is a priority at Aspire Health MD. Linear Shockwave therapy for men is a non-invasive, drug and surgery-free treatment for Erectile Dysfunction that uses linear sound waves to improve sexual performance.  

Treatment results include harder erections, more sensitivity, pleasure, stamina, and confidence. It can often do away with the need for PDE5 inhibiting drugs like Viagra or Cialis, or restore one’s response to them if lost. It is safe, effective and there is no downtime. With true Linear Shockwave therapy, many find relief from Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease (an abnormally curved erection that is often painful), and enhancement of sexual performance can be achieved. Our staff understands the frustrations that patients have when they come to us and we are here to help.

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Linear Shockwave Therapy

Focused linear shockwaves are acoustic pressure waves (sound waves) similar to ultrasound but with much higher pressure amplitudes that are electromagnetically generated. The resulting tissue cavitation in the treatment area causes increased cellular permeability, stimulation of microcirculation, stimulation of stem cells, and release of growth factors.

At Aspire Health MD we only use the highest quality, scientifically studied equipment generating focused linear shockwaves proven to penetrate deeper into the treated tissues. Not all “shockwave” devices are the same. Another benefit of true focused linear shockwave treatment is that it is painless and does not require numbing prior to the procedure, but with radial pressure devices, topical numbing is required.


Why Choose Aspire Health MD
For Shockwave Treatment in Kingston, TN?

At Aspire Health MD, we offer true Linear Shockwave therapy to provide you superior treatment without compromising the final results. Having a medical doctor who understands your specific needs is imperative to the proper outcome of Linear Shockwave therapy. We understand the importance of these therapies for our patients and we are dedicated to providing you the most advanced treatments for improving sexual function.

At Aspire Health MD, only licensed medical staff have access to medical products and devices. Your evaluation and treatments for Linear Shockwave therapy are performed only by a licensed medical professional trained in its use. Our staff is focused on patient care and achieving the most effective outcome of Linear Shockwave therapy for our patients.

Benefits of Linear Shockwave

Harder Erections

Enhanced Sensitivity

Relieves Erectile Dysfunction

Improves Sexual Performance


How is linear shockwave therapy superior to other therapies?
Linear shockwave therapy is completely non-invasive, drug and surgery free. The sessions treat the root cause improving blood flow and providing long-lasting results. Thousands of men have reported enhanced erections, more spontaneous intimacy, increased sensation, long-lasting results, better orgasms and overall improved sexual performance.
Do I have to have ED to benefit from linear shockwave therapy?
No, treatment is available for any man looking to enhance sexual health and performance. Many healthy men without a diagnosed condition choose treatment to “bio hack” or optimize their performance and/or as a prevention method. Linear shockwave can also help men with Peyronie’s disease and loss of sensation.
How does linear shockwave therapy differ from ED Medications?
Linear shockwave therapy addresses the primary root cause of ED which is poor blood flow. Those with pre-existing health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease are good candidates for treatment because there are little to no known side effects. This can provide for greater spontaneity in relationships.
How long will the effects last?
Treatment provides patients with results for 1-2 years.
How many treatments will I need?
Typically 6-12 is standard, but the number of recommended treatments depends on the severity of your symptoms and goals. Maintenance sessions after treatment are also available as needed.

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