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Sexual Wellness

While many find the gradual decline in sexual function frustrating, some are not comfortable speaking with their doctors about sexual wellness. Age and life stressors often negatively impact sexual function. Many people find the decline of their sexual health-damaging to their relationship with their spouse and other friends as well. At Aspire Health MD,  sexual problems and hormone imbalances are treated with cutting edge therapies not widely available in conventional medical settings.

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Aspire Health MD is a center of medical excellence solely dedicated to providing our patients with the most advanced treatments for improving sexual function. We are focused on issues affecting sexual performance and what can be done about it. Many primary care and specialty facilities are limited to a few prescription medications that may not work very well and can have unwanted side effects. At Aspire Health MD, only licensed medical staff have access to medical products and devices. Your evaluation and treatments are performed only by medical professionals. We have multiple treatments available that help improve your relationships, confidence and sexual performance.    


Treatments For Women

O-Shot® or Orgasm Shot

Women are delighted about the O-Shot! Finally, a break-through treatment for women that is monumental in helping with the specific needs women have that allows them to enjoy their sex life to the fullest while also helping to resolve urinary incontinence and so much more…..

Vaginal Rejuvenation With Linear Shockwave

Are you experiencing a decrease in sexual pleasure, poor lubrication, pain with intercourse or an inability to achieve an orgasm? If you are experiencing vaginal changes like these and others, linear shockwave for vaginal rejuvenation may be the right choice for you. This treatment is a non-invasive, non-surgical solution for women that’s breaking boundaries in the realm of female sexual health.

Treatments For Men


The Priapus Shot® (P-Shot) is a cutting edge treatment providing men with lasting improvements in sexual function with full and firm erections!

Linear Shockwave

As men age, problems with intimacy in the bedroom can be not only frustrating and embarrassing, but devastating. Linear Shockwave provides a breakthrough solution for men seeking better erection quality and optimal sexual performance.

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